Openstack Cloud Computing Cookbook

Kevin Jackson’s book “Openstack cloud computing cookbook” second edition has begin released. This is a good reference manual for anyone that wants to deploy an Openstack cloud. It will save you lots of time digging through manuals for the correct configuration parameters or trying to figure what package is missing from your deployment. The book focuses on the deployment the Grizzly release of Openstack and provides detailed recipes. I recommend this book to all new and existing stackers, new stackers will find it extremely valuable.


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You can read an interview about the book with Rackspace with Cody and myself here:

Presenting at Openstack Summit in Hong Kong

I will be presenting “Openstack architecture for the enterprise” at the up coming Openstack summit in Hong Kong .This presentation will focus on how Dell is working with the community to develop a highly available and qualified OpenStack architecture that meets the requirements and solves the needs of today enterprises. We take a deep look at this highly available active/active architecture, how the architecture is constructed and deployed while keeping total cost of ownership low. Each Openstack component in the stack will be examined, we look at how we improve database stability, how we created an active/active OpenStack load balancer to solving this issues associated with using active/passive, and more.

Tuesday November 5, 2013 12:05pm – 12:45pm
Expo Breakout Room 1 (AsiaWorld-Expo)