I am a distinguished engineer working for Dell and located in the Dublin Cloud Center of Excellence, Ireland. With over two decades of experience in software, platform and cloud engineering, I have enjoyed creating simple solutions to solve new and complex problems that included being involved in creating patented breakthrough technology. Many of my day to day challenges focus on architecture related to cloud hardware, cloud software and the software definable data-centre. My passion is all things cloud both open and closed source technologies, these include Azure, AWS, vMware, Openstack, CloudPlatform, and Docker and may others, the list is just too long.  With MS Azure playing a key role in hybrid cloud this has become a major focus area for me with regard to cloud architecture, software and related topics, I currently enjoy designing customer solutions for Dell customers based on the Azure platform. Opensource software is also being used more with in the enterprise and this is also a are that I get to play in through my work with the global Openstack community where I have presented at recent Openstack summits on the subjects of highly available architecture and containerization Openstack infrastructure. Having being involved in Openstack from a very early stage and seeing it mature I became an organizer for Openstack Ireland (Openstack Ireland) where I help coordinate country wide meet-ups that help drive discussion and knowledge sharing with in this community.

My cloud journey has taken me to architecting and writing software solution that have run on public, private and hybrid infrastructure. We are seeing a rapid change with in the IT industry and we are seeing new and emerging technologies that are change the way we develop and run software, mange out IT data-centres. Within my current role I am involved in all aspects of this and feel we are entering a new era with exciting challenges to be solved.

I write may cloud related articles on my blog (my blog) and regularly tweet on cloud related subjects and things that make me itch. Flopboard provides me with a grate platform for sharing information that others may find interesting and useful, follow my flipboards using you mobile or PC. The following are instructions will help get you connected to my flipboards,

To access Flipboards from your Mobile device.

1) Install ‘Flipboard’ from your mobile App Store. This link shows you how
2) Search for topics below and subscribe.

Use the following links to access my Flipboards from your PC.

Openstack General (http://flip.it/RSwk2)
PASS (http://flip.it/S4kA9)
Storage (http://flip.it/RBaXh)
Cloud General (http://flip.it/yfdTT)
Networking (http://flip.it/3GbCG)
Big Data (http://flip.it/gXcJG)

You can follow me on twitter: @keithtobin25

You can email me: keith.tobin@gmail.com

Linkedin: myprofile

Fun Fact: I was quite young when I got my first computer (not a PC) a ZX81, all 1K of RAM and a zx80 processor. It was giving to me by my mom and dad and as I understand it they had to save to buy it as a Christmas present for me. This was an interesting thing for me and at that point I had no understand of programming, but before long I learned what a print statement was and a for loop and bingo I was a cool developer, I could do a print ‘Keith Tobin’ 500 times. It was this first gift that got me hooked on writing code and over the years I got involved in electronics and got to use even cooler smaller sized embedded computers. It was this of a ZX81 from my mom and dad that sparked a long career in electronics and then IT and for me it was the gift that has kept on giving. The gift that enables me to get to work on cloud scale projects that make the days of playing with my ZX81 so far away. Today I have a terrific wife and and a super daughter of just 24 months and when the time is right I will also make that a gift to my daughter to enable her to experience the world of writing software.


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