Learning Openstack Networking Neutron

Just got this eBook ‘Learning Openstack Networking Neutron’, It brill to see this sort of knowledge based book on one of Openstack core components.


I will update this post in a couple of days and let all you know how I get on with the reading, as this is a subject close to my heart I have lots of expectations.

I am back with updates,

Day 1 reading:

I purchased this book online at http://www.packtpub,com for €22.44 and started reading right away, was very interested to see what the book covers as the is a area of Openstack that I have spent time digging into it’s  internals. The book consist of 67 pages in total with the first 5 for publishers intro, ect and the last 2 pages for index, this gives us about 60 pages of content, to me it seems a little lite but I will hold off judgement until I read the rest of the book.  You can check out a some of the book over on Google books using the following link,Google books,


Looking forward to getting through the rest of the book, will update again tomorrow.

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