Stuck in login loop (Ubuntu 13.10)

This morning I attempted to login into my dev machine by entering the password and pressing enter key. The screen would go black for a sec or two and then bring me back to the enter login screen again, I repeated this a couple of times. To fix this is easy, just press ctrl + alt + F2 to bring you into a console/terminal and login using you normal user name and password, enter ls -lah and you will see the the .Xauthority owner is root and is a member of the root group. You need to make .Xauthority part of you user name group and you also need to be the owner, this is easy, just run this chown username:username .Xauthority, press ctrl + alt + F7 to go back to the login screen and login and all should be good.


How it saves you some time…………………



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