Reading new book

Received new Openstack book book in post on Friday and have being reading it, I will update this post I get through the book so keep tuned.



I finally got a chance to come back and give you all an update after reading this book. I enjoyed reading it, the content was high level and the book did provoke some deep though about who the customer for cloud is and how I can better help these customers by architecting and designing clouds to meet customers need and requirements. The book gives you a view of what is available with regard to both IAAS and PAAS cloud software and the operation tools you could use, Openstack, Cloudstck, Openshift, etc are covered.

I am glad to see this book on the market and if you want to dip you toe in the cloud water this is a good starting place.

Openstack Infrastructure Containerization

I will be presenting ‘Openstack Infrastructure Containerization’ at Openstck Summit in Atlanta. In this presentation I will share some early stage work we are doing with containers and Openstack services and how we solve some to the existing problems associated with managing Openstack services, how we created a dynamic service layer of the Openstack service components that is dynamic, flexible and durable.

Slides :

Live stream here

Wednessday 14th Room B207 Level 2 12:30

See you their……………

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