Other good talks for the upcoming Openstack summit

Here are some other good talks that may be on interest when voting for the upcoming Openstack Summit.

See you there……………..
Storage Category at OpenStack Summit
1. Lessons Learned: Deploying Ceph With OpenStack – Dell’s Kamesh Pemmaraju & Inktank
2. Software defined storage, big data and Ceph – what is all the fuss about? – Dell’s Kamesh Pemmaraju & Inktank
3. Software defined storage powered by OpenStack and InkTank Ceph – Dell’s Kamesh Pemmaraju
4. Case Study: University Alabama-Birmingham – Dell’s Kamesh Pemmaraju
Cloud Strategy and Business Value Category at OpenStack Sommit
5. Core via Crowd Sourcing: DefCore’s Tempest in a Docker Container (“tcup”) – Dell’s Rob Hirschfeld & fellow member of OpenStack Board
6. OpenStack in the enterprise – who says we are not ready! – Dell’s Kamesh Pemmaraju
Networking Category at OpenStack Summit
7. Dell Networking with Openstack – Dell’s Keith Tobin
Operations Category at OpenStack Summit
8. Openstack Infrastructure containerization for the Enterprise – Dell’s Keith Tobin
9. Critical tools and components for OpenStack HA – Dell’s Keith Tobin & Percona

Vote for talks at Openstack Summit in Atlanta

Not much time left to vote for talks at the up coming Openstack Summit in Atlanta. It is always hard to decide on your short list but here are some talks I have proposed that you may find interesting,

Openstack Infrastructure containerization for the Enterprise

Dell Networking with Openstack

Critical tools and components for OpenStack HA

Don’t forget to book your tickets, see you there…………………

Clean up docker containers

Docker is an excellent tool, some times I forget or don’t bother to delete old containers or images. After using docker on a project for a while I often find I have 100s of old unneeded containers and image that need to be deleted. Here is an easy way to delete all containers and images, I hope you find it useful,

Put these in a bash script, mark the bash script as executable.

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
docker rm `docker ps -notrunc -a -q`
docker rmi $(docker images -a -q)